Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty good. I got to talk to my family yesterday which was awesome! I don't have a whole lot to say again (sorry I know my e-mails are getting short and boring) but yesterday we had an incredible sacrament meeting! To start things off, Olga got confirmed finally! Then the two people that gave talks were Juan and Julia! They did so awesome and the spirit was incredibly strong! Juan's closing remark was "I don't just believe the church is true, I KNOW this is the the only true church of Jesus Christ!" He just about shouted it into the microphone! He also invited his family but didn't tell them he was going to speak until it got announced in sacrament meeting. It was very rewarding to see all these people that I've seen get baptized up there bearing their testimonies for everyone to hear.

The other big news from the week is that Juan and Olga are now DATING! They went on a date earlier this week and I guess they made it official, but SHHH, it's a secret so don't tell. Hopefully it turns out well for them! The branch also got to go to the Gila Valley Temple open house on Saturday. I must admit, I was pretty jealous that I didn't get to go but it sounds like it went pretty well. It will be dedicated on May 23rd! We are already seeing so many miracles in our mission because of it! Our mission president also told us in zone conference last week that once it is open we'll all be able to go once a transfer (every six weeks)! If I somehow end up in the other mission when it splits at the beginning of July, I'll at least get to go once before that. The Albuquerque Mission has a temple too so it's a win/win situation!

Well, sorry this is so short again. I forgot my camera too so the pictures will have to wait another week. Have a great week everyone! Thanks for all of your letters!

Elder Olsen

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